Sadistic Butchering - Sculptor Of Flesh


Rising from the depths of Texas is the one man murder machine Sadistic Butchering! TXDM roots brings you a punishing mix of detuned pit riffs and technical blasting madness! For fans of Insidious Decrepancy, Viral Load, Putrid Pile and Devourment! Featuring cover art by Jon Zig! Don`t miss this vicious assault of your senses!

Track list:

1. The End Of The Christian
2. Fallout Infected Flesh
3. Rotting Menstruation Of The Holy Whore
4. Zombie Fetus
5. Blood Grazing Human Sacrifice
6. Sculptor Of Flesh
7. Realm Of Pure Insanity
8. Plague Infested Zombie Warfield

by Sadistic Butchering