Cerebus - Chapter Black - Limited Digipack CD


Cerebus - Chapter Black - Limited Digipack CD
Limited to 100 handnumbered copies.

Track list:

1. Karyolysis
2. Bleeding Planet (Hemorrhage Ov My Earth)
3. I Cut Myself To Bleed Out The Devil, But, The Deeper I Dig, The Closer I Grow To Him
4. Sacramento Silver Bullets
5. I Want To Exterminate All The Sinners On This Earth, So I Will Kill Myself First
6. I Lust Over The Angst Portrayed Through Your Varicose Veins
7. Intact Dilation and Extraction
8. Progress (From Where I Was, I Am Now Regressing)
9. Lynnfield (Who I Am Hates Who I Have Been)



by Cerebus